2019 Retirement and Savings Survey Results

Thank you everyone who participated in the 2019 Retirement and Savings Surveys! Your feedback will go a long way in helping MO Deferred Comp improve its education and outreach strategies.

The annual survey was sent to three segments of state of Missouri employees: active employees age 35 and under, active employees age 36 and older, and terminated employees (retirees) over age 55. With over 9,500 responses, the feedback received has proven to be extremely insightful and will help the plan better understand participants’ needs and ultimately improve education efforts.

To review the survey findings, please click the appropriate survey and age group below:

To say thank you, 30 randomly selected survey participants (10 from each survey) won prizes. The grand prize winners received a $25 Amazon.com gift card and each additional winner won one of the following items: deferred comp cooler, backpack, t-shirt, or bag. Congrats to those who won:

Retirement Awareness Survey

  • Grand Prize: Cody Bell and Elizabeth Kogan
  1. Jason Morrison
  2. Brittney Mueller
  3. Emilio Villanueva
  4. Melissa Knerr
  5. Juanita Haley
  6. Alyssa Riley
  7. Kimberly Clements
  8. John Corley

Retirement Readiness Survey

  • Grand Prize: Joyce Adamson and Bradley Bowles
  1. Kelly Templeton
  2. Dawn Haslag
  3. Pamela McCarron
  4. Samantha Bryan
  5. Greg Weddle
  6. Sonya Johnston
  7. Goldie Caldwell
  8. Shirley Moore

Retirement Survey

  • Grand Prize: David Schellhorn and Turu Negash
  1. Vanessa Draffen
  2. James Roth
  3. Alan Spears
  4. Kathryn Jones
  5. James Mills
  6. Vicki Baragary
  7. Shirley Dawkins
  8. Mark Van Patten