December 2016 DC Update

The Twelve Days of Deferred Comp

On the 12th day of Christmas deferred comp gave to me,

  • 12 Target Date Funds,
    MO Deferred Comp offers 12 custom target date funds for active employees, plus a Missouri Retirement Allocation Fund for those moving into retirement. MO Target Date Funds are a comprehensive investment solution managed by professionals which can make your life a whole lot easier.

  • 11 helpful videos,
    Okay so there are way more than 11 educational videos on, but there simply aren’t enough days until Christmas to name them all. From basic investment knowledge to a few silly pet videos, the plan’s extensive library has a little something for everyone!

  • 10 online classes,
    Deferred comp webinars are a great way for all savers to learn without sifting through a ton of wordy documents.

  • 9 seminars for learning,
    No matter where you are in your career, the plan has several educational opportunities, including individual consultations, to help you learn more about saving for retirement. Visit our event registration page to sign up for a seminar in your area.

  • 8 online tools,
    All of our online calculators are great, but the newest addition, the Grow Your Retirement Savings calculator, really takes the cake. It’s so easy, even Mike can use it.

  • 7 withdrawal options,
    If you’re retired or close to it, deferred comp has several ways for you to withdraw your money. Check the plan’s Distribution Options Guide or give us a call at 800-392-0925 to learn about withdrawing money from the plan.

  • 6 education specialists,
    If our friendly faces weren’t enough, deferred comp has education specialists all over the state. Our experienced staff does not receive a commission for helping you and prides itself on being a trusted resource to savers.

  • 5 ways to log in,
    Whether it’s through our mobile app,, the ESS portal, a call or just by walking into our local office, Deferred Comp is trying really hard to make sure you have access to your account in a number of ways.

  • 4 quarterly newsletters,
    Our Simply Put newsletters keep you in the know so you can be an informed saver. Be sure to check out the 2016 4th quarter edition available now.

  • 3 investment options,
    The deferred comp plan prides itself on providing a simple, yet custom investment lineup built specifically for Missouri savers. To go along with our custom target date funds, the plan also offers a stable income investment option, an actively managed asset allocation fund, and a brokerage window.

  • 2 auto features,
    Auto-enrollment and auto-increase are automatic tools available to state of Missouri employees. While auto-enrollment helps thousands of people start saving, auto increase ensures your contributions continue to grow each year.

  • And an easy way to save money.
    MO Deferred Comp is a retirement savings plan for state of Missouri employees, including faculty and staff at 10 universities. Our sole job is to help you save more to replace your working income in retirement. If you have questions about the plan, visit our website at or give us a ring at 800-392-0925.

Happy Holidays from MO Deferred Comp!

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