Plan Updates & Notices

  • Saving with Confidence

    The State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan is an employee benefit created by state statute. As such, the salaries of Plan employees and its representatives are NOT tied to the amount participants contribute to the Plan or the investment options they choose within their accounts. Rest assured that any information you receive from the Plan is intended to be in your best interests.

    A recent article focused on financial brokers who are advising federal workers to roll their retirement savings from a low-fee, employer-sponsored plan to more expensive individual retirement accounts. If a financial professional suggests that you transfer your account balance to another fund or IRA, there is one simple question you should ask yourself:  “Are they acting in my best interests or their own?”

    Read the full article: "Brokers Lure Soldiers Out of Low-Fee Federal Retirement Plans"

  • August 2014 DC Update: Now's the Time

    Announcing an exciting new seminar that will help you complete the retirement income puzzle. Plus, get the scoop on what separates a 457(b) plan from a 401(k) and IRA.

    View the August 2014 DC Update

  • Incentive Funding Withheld from FY15 State Budget

    Funding for the reinstatement of the employer incentive (match) program associated with the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan has been withheld from the state budget at this time.

  • New ING Stable Income Fund Rate

    The ING Stable Income Fund annualized credited rate effective third quarter 2014 (July 1 - September 30, 2014) is 2.10%.

  • Financial Status Survey Results

    Earlier this year the Plan conducted an anonymous Financial Status Survey. Sent via email to all active Plan participants, this online questionnaire aimed to gain a better understanding of participants’ spending and savings habits. More than 4,300 state employees completed the online survey. The Plan will use the results to develop custom education and communications materials for Missouri savers. View the Financial Status Survey results.  

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