Plan Updates & Notices

  • September 2014 DC Update: Save with Confidence

    Have you ever been approached by a financial professional advising you to transfer your savings to a different plan? If so, you're not alone. The September DC Update dives into why this type of transaction can be a costly one and discusses the fees and costs you should be aware of. Also in this update, see which seminars are coming to your area in September and learn about how late-career employees are beefing up their savings with the Plan's catch-up provisions.

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  • Incentive Funding Withheld from FY15 State Budget

    Funding for the reinstatement of the employer incentive (match) program associated with the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan has been withheld from the state budget at this time.

  • New ING Stable Income Fund Rate

    The ING Stable Income Fund annualized credited rate effective third quarter 2014 (July 1 - September 30, 2014) is 2.10%.

  • Financial Status Survey Results

    Earlier this year the Plan conducted an anonymous Financial Status Survey. Sent via email to all active Plan participants, this online questionnaire aimed to gain a better understanding of participants’ spending and savings habits. More than 4,300 state employees completed the online survey. The Plan will use the results to develop custom education and communications materials for Missouri savers. View the Financial Status Survey results.  

  • 4-Week Savings Spree Challenge

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 4-Week Savings Spree Challenge. Whether you shared a tip, liked a post, or simply followed along with the Challenge, we applaud your participation and support of the cause. Those who regularly save and put money away for the future are the real winners of the Challenge.

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