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  • Let the Hunt Begin!

    Retirement IQ - PigOver the next three weeks, MOSERS and the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan will be asking ten Retirement IQ questions to test your retirement benefit knowledge. Download the official game sheet to play along and submit your answers at the end of the contest to win an insulated cooler. Learn more about the Retirement IQ Scavenger Hunt here.

  • State Employee Recognition Week: Retirement IQ

    In celebration of State Employee Recognition Week, MOSERS and the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan are teaming up to host the Retirement IQ Scavenger Hunt. Beginning on May 20, this three-week-long, online scavenger hunt will test your knowledge of important retirement benefits. Employees who complete the scavenger hunt will win an insulated cooler and be entered in the deferred compensation plan's Employee Recognition Day prize drawing on June 11.

  • May DC Update: Employee Recognition Week

    This month's DC Update introduces an exciting Employee Recognition Week contest and addresses the question every employee has had at one time: "What is the deferred compensation plan?".

    May 2015 DC Update

  • More on Partnering with Financial Professionals...

    You work hard for your money, so you shouldn't hand it over to just any financial professional. Unfortunately, choosing the right financial professional can be a confusing and difficult decision. What are a prospective financial professional's credentials? What standard of care does the professional follow? How does he or she charge for services? How will your money be invested? These are all important questions, but often times it's not easy translating the answer.

    This month, in an effort to provide guidance on working with financial professionals, the deferred compensation plan launched special editions of both its DC Update and Simply Put newsletter. Both are chocked full of indispensable information for retirement savers of all ages.

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  • April DC Update: Working With Financial Professionals

    RIQ Answer IconThis special edition of the DC Update examines the sometimes-confusing world of financial professionals. While the right professional can be an asset, not all of them are created equal. This month’s update highlights the different types of financial professionals, outlines some very important questions every saver should ask, and provides additional resources for making educated financial decisions.

    April 2015 DC Update

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