December 2017 DC Update

The Savings Elf

Have you ever wondered how your retirement savings would know
if you contributed regularly each year as you grow?
For decades now it's been a big secret,
but I'll go ahead and tell you if you promise to keep it.

At holiday times and all through the year,
I check-in to make sure you're saving throughout your career.
My job's an assignment from your MO Deferred Comp account itself.
I am its helper, a friendly savings elf.

As soon as you were employed by the state,
you were asked to decide your contribution rate.

I was watching then, as you decided to save or not.
"I could invest big", was your first thought,
"or maybe just a little to start
and increase automatically each year until I depart."

Each night while you're sleeping, on the computer I'd hop,
to empty your online cart at your favorite shop.
Of course Christmas magic helps me to be quick,
as I assess your retirement savings with one simple click.

I tell your retirement if you've been spending a lot or very little,
the news of the day makes it sniffle or giggle.
An impulse purchase, I'll report to "the Boss,"
but small acts of savings will not be a loss.

In the car, at the park, or even at your profession,
the word will get out if your spending becomes an obsession.

I'll be back at your desk before you awake,
to drop friendly savings tips and give your pocket book a break.
When you arrive to the office, you'll wonder "what in the world?"
when you find a small coupon in your mug all crumpled and curled.

Maybe the kitchen, the bathroom or during a meeting you attend,
is where you'll find more savings tips, from your special elf friend.
They can be on a plant, a shelf, or a frame.
Where will they be? Let's make it a game!

There's one rule that you have to follow
so I will come back and be there tomorrow.
Don't touch your retirement savings, if you do my magic will go,
and your retirement account will suffer and surely won't grow.

I won't be able tell your retirement you increased your deferred comp contributions,
or cut back on expenses to save more as a solution!
How will your retirement know how great you've done?
It might start to think you want to continue your career run.

I can't speak to you, so says the rules,
but I can drop helpful clues and various tools.
I'll listen and watch as you dream of retirement wishes,
Would you like to travel or relax by a lake full of tiny fishes?
The abundance of tips and account accumulation,
shows you I'm watching and working in elation.

The final decision with your MO Deferred Comp now rests,
What do you think? Will you get your retirement requests?
The night before your retirement, my job will come to an end
and it'll be time for your golden years to spend.

So keep an eye out and pay close attention,
I'll be around to make sure your saving and supplementing your pension!
Of course, social security will be wrapped in there too,
but you need to contribute regularly or your future will be so blue.

Until you reach your retirement destination,
I'll continue to help you and living up to my savings elf reputation.

The End.

Happy Holidays from MO Deferred Comp!

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