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Saving for retirement is important, but setting up a savings account and choosing how to invest your money can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Simplify your retirement savings plan by enrolling in the State of Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan today.

Enrolling in the Plan is as simple as clicking the Enrollment button to the right, answering a few questions about yourself and choosing how much money to automatically contribute to the Plan each paycheck. The process is secure and quick. What's more, if you're unsure how to invest your money, the plan will automatically place you in one of its 13 custom target date funds based on your age. By investing in a target date fund, an experienced portfolio team will automatically guide your investments as you move toward—and through—retirement.

Plan Benefits:

  • Automatic Payroll Deduction
  • Tax Savings Every Paycheck
  • Tax-deferred Growth
  • Online Account Access
  • No-hassle Investment Options
  • Roll-in Options for Consolidating Other Retirement Accounts
  • After-tax (Roth) Contributions

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