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Click the link below to view historical performance information and expenses for the funds that are available in the Plan.

Please note: Some funds listed in this report can no longer receive transfers in, but can receive contributions as long as those investment elections were determined and finalized prior to May 1, 2009. Only the current line-up consisting of the Missouri Target Date Funds, Missouri Stable Income Fund and the Self-Directed Brokerage (SDB) can be used to construct new investment elections after May 1st, 2009. Any alteration of the original 100% of investment elections in place prior to May 1st, 2009 will forfeit a participant's ability to continue contribution to the eliminated (frozen) options listed on this performance report.

View Fund Performance and Expenses

A note about fund performance: Historic performance is not necessarily indicative of actual future investment performance, which could differ substantially. Total return assumes that an investment is made at the beginning of the period and redeemed at the end of the period after reinvestment of any dividends and capital gains distributions. Investment return and principal value may fluctuate so that your investment, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than the contribution to your individual account. All returns are calculated in U.S. dollars.

The following expenses are associated with participating in the Plan:

Plan Expenses — Currently, that fee is a "flat fee" of $34 per participant per year. The fee will be offset each year by reimbursements received by the Plan record keeper from the mutual fund companies offered in the Plan. This year, each participant will be charged $15, or $3.75 per quarter. This amount will show up clearly as a transaction or charge on your quarterly statement. The fee covers the cost of the local customer service office, mailings, booklets, recordkeeping and the general administration of your plan.
Investment Management Fees and Other Fund Expenses — these fees support a fund’s management and operations, including advisory, trading, custody, and accounting activities. Investment management and other fund expenses are deducted from fund assets and therefore reflected in each fund’s return.

More detailed fund information, including expanded footnotes on the funds offered in the Plan, may be contained within quarterly fund fact sheets, or mutual fund prospectus, where available. Please also review all other detailed information that has been provided to you with respect to the Plan funds.

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