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The goals, strategies and risks vary among the 15 separate investment options that make up the Plan. The Missouri Target Date Funds provide professionally-managed, broadly diversified portfolios named for different retirement dates. The asset allocations within these Target Date Funds adjust automatically over time. Each fund invests more aggressively in its early years and becomes more conservative as it reached its time horizon. For more information, visit this special site dedicated to the Missouri Target Date Funds.

IMPORTANT: Missouri Target Date Fund Frequent Trading Policy

The Plan’s Frequent Trading Policy defines frequent trading as “a buy followed by a sell, three times in the same fund during a 90 calendar day period, or as a buy followed by a sell, 10 times in the same fund within a 365 calendar day period.” The buy and sell do not have to be consecutive and only investor-initiated fund transfers are considered in this process. The Plan's record keeper, ICMA-RC, monitors buys and sells across all accounts and all funds that it record keeps, and if frequent trading is detected in a fund(s), they will impose a temporary restriction(s) on transfers into that fund(s) for a period of 180 days. Should frequent trading activity continue, ICMA-RC reserves the right to impose a permanent restriction(s) on transfers into the fund(s) it is detected in. Restrictions only apply to buys, and sells are never blocked.

Learn more about each of the available Plan funds, including their fees, by clicking on a fund name below:

Single Fund Offerings
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